The ESG residence halls offers the opportunity to live together in two 6-person flats. The same principles apply to shared flats as to the ESG. Open-mindedness towards Christianity is a condition. Since the living space in the house is understood as part of the ESG, the residents are an active part of the community. Everyone can contribute individually and with his/her strengths. It is important to us to be able to offer a room in the building to those who are active in some way or another in the ESG.

Per shared flat there are two bathrooms, two toilets and a kitchen. The rooms are about 13-15m2 in size and are furnished with a walk-in closet, a shelf, a bed with a mattress and a large desk with a chair.

The house has a small garden and a bicycle-parking space. In the basement there are two washing machines, a dryer and space to dry your laundry.
The monthly cost for a room is currently 226 € (incl. utilities). The lease is limited to one year. An extension is possible (see below).

A move in is generally always possible if a room is available. The move-in date does not necessarily correspond with the start of a new semester.
If you are interested in a room at the ESG, please send an e-mail to the V-students (vrunde@esg-jena. de) of the ESG Jena. The email should include a letter of motivation, in which you can answer the following questions: Who are you? What are you going to do in Jena? Why do you want to live at ESG?

Your application will be read by the V-students and the student pastor and you will receive feedback whether a room will be available for you on your desired move-in date. Afterwards, we invite you to an interview and viewing appointment. The aim is that we get to know each other and find space for both your and our questions. The student pastor is present and members of the V-round as well as (future) roommates can be present.
If a personal appointment is not possible, we are open to alternative communication channels (e.g. Skype/Zoom). It is also possible to apply from abroad.

Together with the student pastor, the group of V-students whether the applicant is recommended to the owner of the house (Evangelische Kirche Mitteldeutschland / EKM) to conclude a lease agreement. The EKM makes the final decision on the conclusion of a lease agreement.

In order to extend the lease for another year, a discussion with the student pastor and the V-round is necessary, which also provides information about the active participation in the ESG. The EKM then receives another recommendation and finally decides on the contract renewal.

It is the responsibility of the residents to arrange a meeting three months before the end of the contract. Please also let us know if you want to move out.




The V-students and the student pastor are always available for questions, requests and suggestions from the residents.

Email: [javascript protected email address]

top row: view from the window, view to the hallway, walk-in closet
bottom row: kitchen of the shared flat